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Why outsourcing ?
Freedom to dump non–core activities; thereby concentrating on core-competence
Cost effectiveness
Sharing of Risks
Helps accommodate peak loads
Train and develop internal staff
Services Offered
Set up Contracts/Procurement Teams
Setting up Contracts/Procurement Procedures/Manual
Contracts/Supply chain/Procurement/Logistics Outsourcing
Contracts and Procurement Audits
Contracts/Supply chain/Procurement/Logistics Consultancy/Services
Warehouse Services
Conferences and Seminars on Procurement and Contracts
Deo Vindice is also capable of fulfilling a variety of requirements; from supplementing customer’s own staff in times of peak workload, to long term assignments, or even assisting in the recruitment of permanent staff as outlined below.
E&P Sector Specialization
Right from setting up of contracts and procurement department and the procedures thereof, we can provide specialized services for outsourcing of such activities, strictly in compliance with the PSC/regulatory requirements (for e.g. in India strict compliance of procurement activities in accordance with the PSC is a pre-requisite for cost recovery.)
Personnel Services
Do you need procurement support for a short-term or long term project?
Are you seeking contract-to-hire personnel?
Whatever your contract or supply-chain needs, we can assist in recruiting personnel for such functions. Deo Vindice is able to assist in identifying and recruiting staff of all levels for permanent staff positions, as well as providing consultants or contract staff for short or long term assignments.
Industries Served
Offshore and Onshore Oil and Gas
Gas/LNG Sales
Engineering and Construction
Facilities Management
Civil construction
Automobile sector
Electronics Sector
Do you wish to outsource your procurement/contract team for a short or long term?

Do you wish to outsource your procurement /tender/ contracts without increasing your manpower?

Do you wish to supplement your procurement /tender/ contracts work to accommodate peak loads?

Do you wish to train and develop internal staff in procurement and contract matters?

Deo Vindice Consultancy Services can provide you with solutions to these questions.
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