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The businesses of each one of our customers is different, with different culture, different challenges and different objectives. In due recognition of such complexities, each of our program/offer is carefully planned to go hand in glove with our customer's management.
Partnering with Deo Vindice
Partnering Agreement with Deo Vindice
Deo Vindice/Customer supplier selection review
Deo Vindice supplier pricing, negotiations
Customer placement of commitment document to Deo Vindice
Deo Vindice Commitment Document to selected supplier/contractor
Deo Vindice tracking and expediting
Deo Vindice MIS to Customer
Customer product/service approval
Customer pays Deo Vindice
Partnering Agreement
Sound partnering is based on establishing clear and measurable objectives, which should provide the ingredients for contract terms and performance measurement.
We are bound by maintaining confidentiality of the services that we offer our clients.
Project Management
We deliver our projects on time and on budget.
Do you wish to outsource your procurement/contract team for a short or long term?

Do you wish to outsource your procurement /tender/ contracts without increasing your manpower?

Do you wish to supplement your procurement /tender/ contracts work to accommodate peak loads?

Do you wish to train and develop internal staff in procurement and contract matters?

Deo Vindice Consultancy Services can provide you with solutions to these questions.
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